Over the weekend 1

I had one of those moments on Saturday morning, where I was just stoked with where we live. I had enjoyed my favourite chai, finished the grocery shopping,  visited a new local organic grocer – Aunt Maggie’s- where I was able to refill my Grateful Harvest Kombucha bottle (win!), and was on my way to a new little donut place that is only open between 8am and 3pm on Friday and Saturday, when it just occurred to me that I love Brunswick. And I am so very happy that we don’t have to leave this little hood (that’s a post for another day).

Brunswick Food Store- soy chai

The Brunswick Foodstore does THE best soy chais.

Aunt Maggie's Brunswick

Aunt Maggie's- Brunswick

Aunt Maggie’s has opened up right near where I do the grocery shopping. Organic, whole foods heaven.

Grateful Harvest Kombucha

Ginger Kombucha. Be still my heart.

the bump: 31 weeks

All Day Donuts

I went with… the OG Glaze, Lime Brûlée, Coffee glaze with chocolate crumb and passionfruit curd filling, and the Raspberry glaze with raspberry and white chocolate crumble. I have been dreaming of donuts for a couple of weeks now, but not just any donut, I wanted a Doughnut Plant donut. When I saw photos of the All Day Donut numbers in instagram during the week I thought I might have found an alternative to Doughnut Plant. Unfortunately, they didn’t quite live up to my expectations. The donut themselves were plain and relied on the glaze and filling for flavour, they were also a little dense for my liking. But I’m glad I tried it. Next weekend I might have to go in search of Doughboys…

All Day Donuts

My productive Saturday continued once I arrived home- at 9.30am!- and whipped up some raw chocolate bliss balls (recipe coming soon) and pumpkin soup (recipe here).

raw chocolate balls

Pumpkin soup prep

The rest of the day was spent attempting to do an essay that was due on Sunday. I got about 200 words in before my brain pretty much shut down and I knew nothing else was getting done.

Sunday Breakfast: Small block

Small Block is, and may always be, my favourite breakfast place. The staff are lovely and know that the BF and I both want English Breakfast tea before we sit down and the bacon is second to none. I am really looking forward to having a runny egg yolk once baby arrives…

Once breakfast was done it was time to get back to essay writing… instead I did two loads of laundry and baked some banana-blueberry muffins (another recipe I will get to you soon). I never feel the need to do laundry as much as when I have homework to do. I almost folded everything too, but resisted- which yes means there is a pile of clean clothes on our living room floor (no need for photos of that).

Banana-blueberry muffins

I have decided that I think I prefer exams to essays. There is something comforting about having a answer that is either right, or it’s not. Essays are all about how you argue, and maybe I’m just not that good at arguing… at least it’s now done and submitted.

Essay writing

What did you with your weekend?

A weekend of breakfasts

One thing that may already be clear about me is that I love breakfast. It is hands down my favourite meal of the day.

During the week it can sometimes be difficult to make my breakfast as grand as I believe it deserves to be- this morning for example I ate a protein pancake and blueberries while sitting in traffic after a swim (upgraded to the 50m pool!) On the weekend though breakfast can be the event it should be.

IMG_1697On Saturday I enjoyed corn fritters with bacon and avocado salsa with three good friends on a balcony in South Yarra.


On Sunday it was off to Small Block (yes, again) with the BF. I cannot go past their soy chai tea… brewed in the soy milk, as you can see. Perfect.

IMG_1707And for the eating part of the morning I opted for the house-made beans with Meredith feta, GF toast and mushrooms. The BF got his usual.

Small Block


In my area there are more cafes than you can poke a stick at. From my front door I can walk to three in less time than it will take for me to wait for the coffee or chai once I am there. You could probably go out to breakfast everyday for a month and not have to go to the same place twice. Melbourne is a cafe town. Having said that, every Saturday morning the BF and I find ourselves sitting in the same establishment- we are creatures of habit if nothing else.

We’ve tried others, ventured into Degraves, South of the river and elsewhere in search of poached eggs and soy chais. But whenever we have strayed from this humble little cafe we find ourselves disappointed. So every week we return. And every week we are rewarded with a delicious breakfast that will keep you going well into the afternoon. Perfect poached eggs with bacon and a hashbrown for him. Huevos racheros for me.


So. Freakin’. Good. That’s all.

IMG_1436Small Block
130 Lygon St, Brunswick East
(03) 9381 2244