It’s ANZAC Day here is Australia, which aside from remembering our past, and acknowledging our present men and women making sacrifices for our country, means we get a day off. In my opinion a mid week day off is almost better than a Friday or a Monday. It breaks up the monotonous 5 day week and makes it a wee bit more palatable. IMG_2291

As most days do this one started with breakfast. There was no chai tea, so I settled for an English Breakfast. The only problem with English Breakfast is that it makes me want to add sugar. IMG_2292

Rancheros. It’s been a while, but they were incredible as always. IMG_2293

See. (almost) Clean plate.

Next up I had a cake to finish. A vanilla-rainbow-marble number covered in luxurious chocolate buttercream. I had intended to put a little 6 on top, seeing as the recipient is turning 6, however it didn’t turn out…IMG_2295

Sprinkles all over instead.

After picking at both the left over cake and icing (damn sugar and it’s silky sweet lure, sometimes I just give in), it was time for a workout. IMG_2296

As part of the Tone It Up Bikini Series the Sunkissed Abs workout was on the agenda. I added the Love Your Booty routine too. I followed it all with a refreshing green smoothie (similar to this one, but not exactly the same, they rarely turn out exactly the same, it’s so easy to tweak!)

And right now I should be doing homework… but instead I am sitting on the couch watching Sherlock Holmes (the first Robert Downey Jr and Jude Law movie).

I’m not sure what the rest of the day will hold, what I do know is that the BF is going to create an amazing salmon dinner. I’ve not actually had fresh salmon before, I’m not much of a fishy-fish fan but I am very much looking forward to what he comes up with.

Happy ANZAC day!

Workin’ it: run girl, RUN

Friend: I’m just not a runner
Me: nor am I, but no one is born a runner.
Friend: true
Me: well, except maybe Ethiopians and Kenyans, but they have to run away from lions and things. 


My poorly articulated point here was that perhaps Ethopians and Kenyans had running ingrained into their DNA? It seems unlikely, I grant you, however what other explanation could there be for the huge number of runners from these nations who crush it in international competition?

If running is DNA related then I have a bone to pick. You see my sister is currently in training for her second Oxfam Trailwalker. For those who are not familiar with this event is a 100k trail, and the terrain is hardly forgiving. And my dear sister is going to run it. The mere thought of this makes me slightly light headed. My point, and I promise I have one, is if she can do it and we received DNA from the same parents, then why can’t I? I should point out that 12 months ago I was right into running. I even trained with my crazy, inspirational sister, baby runs for her were monster ones for me, but I still kept pace. By March I was running 10k and then my knee went a bit funny, I lost my running mojo and it all fell apart.

While sitting in some truly horrendous traffic on the way home today I took photos of my side mirror…

IMG_1683Irrelevant, I know. After that though I had a peruse of my Tone It Up app and saw this…

IMG_1682A post from Katrina and Karena about running. And it could not have arrived at a better time. So after reading away as I crawled from light to light I found myself thinking, why can’t I be a runner? And if I am honest, there is no reason. There are excuses sure, I’m tried, My legs are sore (from all those deadlifts yesterday!), It’s too hot, ra ra ra… but they’re just excuses, aren’t they? I make up, they’re not real.

So with this in mind, tomorrow morning I am going to get up when that bootycall alarm goes off at 5.30am and I am going to run. And I will continue to wander on back to Tone It Up (as I do most days if I’m honest) over the next two weeks for more tips about making running fun and part of my life. DNA or not, this is going to happen.

I am not a runner, yet.

Protein Pancake

Prior to discovering Tone It Up I never would have thought to substitute protein powder for anything. In my humble opinion it was nasty stuff that tasted like cardboard and was full of a whole heap of ingredients I couldn’t pronounce. No. Thank. You. But thanks to Tone It Up and their Perfect Fit protein my eyes have been opened. Unfortunately, shipping from the US makes Perfect Fit a little cost prohibitive, but I have found an equally good product in my local health food store- Sunwarrior. I’ve chosen the vanilla flavour but there is also chocolate or natural if you prefer.

IMG_1619Thanks to this discovery you could say I’ve changed my mind, especially after devouring this breakfast nearly everyday this week. I can now whip one of these babies up in about 15 minutes and it will keep me 100% satisfied for hours afterwards. I am a serious snacker so to be able to have only some green tea between breakfast and lunch is seriously amazing.

I enjoy mine with yoghurt and blueberries or yoghurt and raspberries…

IMG_1627Tomorrow I will go with strawberries. Whichever way I top them the plate inevitably turns out like this..


Protein pancakes (adapted from Tone It Up)

1 scoop vanilla protein powder
1tbsp flaxmeal
1/2tbsp chia seeds
3tbsp coconut oil (soft or melted)
1/2 banana
1 egg

Combine all you dry ingredients. Add everything else and mix it up good. Heat your pan, oil it with whatever you like, don’t pour in your batter until it’s good and hot. Once your sizzling batter up. Let your pancake bubble away. If you flip it too early it’ll break, not a big deal you can always scramble it up, but if you want a proper pancake let it set around the edges. Now flip it. More sizzling, have a peak, once it’s golden you’re good to go. Top it with whatever you fancy and enjoy!




I don’t really like resolutions. They are so often unattainable and only serve to make you feel terrible guilt by about January 17.

So, this year rather than make another list of things I probably won’t do, I have given myself an intention. Sounds wanky right? And I guess it is, in a way. But wanky or not, I intend to make 2013 my healthiest and happiest year yet. As part of this I signed up for (and am loving) the Tone It Up Love Your Body challenge, which started on January 1. The Tone It Up community has been a brilliant support and motivation and the community feed has well and truly taken over from facebook as the place I head to kill a few minutes. But I digress…

In addition to being an active Tone It Up member I also thought I should work my habits. Apparently it takes 21 (or maybe 28) days to form/break a habit, so I will see if these things stick. I am starting with 2 new habits, one about eating and one about moving.

Habit one. Eating before and after dinner. I am a serious snacker. Almost as soon as I am in he door my brain is telling me to find the nearest food source. Likewise, after dinner, I find myself searching for something sweet. But not anymore… I’ve been working on this one for a week or two and am pleased to say that I have managed to avoid both the pre and post-dinner snacking. It’s really quite satisfying feeling a new habit solidify.

Habit two. Staying inside all day long. Unless I need to pick up groceries I often find myself making excuses to stay inside during my lunch break when I could be out in the sun and fresh air. I have all day to do work and peruse pinterest that does not need to include my lunch hour. My lunch hour will now be used to get out and walk around the neighbourhood.


These two habit changes have also made me more mindful of both eating and moving at other times too, which is a nice additional benefit.

Here’s to new habits!