Making time

In my last post I talked about how life was kind of getting in the way of me carving out time to spend in this corner in the internet. And guess what? Yep, it happened again.

But… after some thought I have realised that this space is really good for me and something that I need to make more of a priority. Posting here motivates me and makes me accountable, and that’s important.

So rather than leave it another month (how on earth did that happen!?) before I turn up here again I will be doing my very best to post at least once a week. That is my intention.

I will leave you with my dinner from last night. Free range, grass-fed honey soy chicken riblets from Cannings Butchers (if you happen to be in Melbourne I serious recommend you check them out) with a simple shredded salad. Usually we do our riblets (or wings) mexi-style but I must say I was impressed with the honey soy version. 

IMG_4760The BF cooked them up in a pan with a bit of olive oil while I whipped up the salad. We didn’t bother with plates, just ate out of bowls. We do that sometimes.

Happy Thursday.