Small Block


In my area there are more cafes than you can poke a stick at. From my front door I can walk to three in less time than it will take for me to wait for the coffee or chai once I am there. You could probably go out to breakfast everyday for a month and not have to go to the same place twice. Melbourne is a cafe town. Having said that, every Saturday morning the BF and I find ourselves sitting in the same establishment- we are creatures of habit if nothing else.

We’ve tried others, ventured into Degraves, South of the river and elsewhere in search of poached eggs and soy chais. But whenever we have strayed from this humble little cafe we find ourselves disappointed. So every week we return. And every week we are rewarded with a delicious breakfast that will keep you going well into the afternoon. Perfect poached eggs with bacon and a hashbrown for him. Huevos racheros for me.


So. Freakin’. Good. That’s all.

IMG_1436Small Block
130 Lygon St, Brunswick East
(03) 9381 2244

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