Melbourne International Flower & Garden Show

or MIFGS as I have been calling it for the last 5 and a half years, because Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show is just too long, happens every year around the end of March. It is 5 days when the Royal Exhibition Building and Carlton Gardens are transformed into a mini garden festival (festival food prices included, $4.60 for a below-average coffee, anyone?)

The Royal Exhibition Building holds all of the floral displays, which don’t really do it for me to be honest, but I did like this one…


And really, the building itself it spectacular


Plenty of peeps do love the floral displays.


Outside is where the real action is in my opinion. Landscape designers and builders build display gardens from the ground up in a mere 10 days. They’re up for 5 days. And pulled down in 4. And it was like they were never there.


Glorious sunshine. Pelting rain. Hi Melbourne.

MIFGS rainy

Whatever the weather, nothing stops the die-hards from exploring the displays.

MIFGS healthy green living

This was the stand I was working on. You could walk through. It was popular.

MIFGS chickens

There were some chickens across the road.

MIFGS James Ross

MIFGS James Ross

MIFGS Ian Barker


MIFGS Ian Barker

You can also have a peruse of some sculptures.

MIFGS sculpture

MIFGS rose sculpture


I often find myself just admiring the fountain and Royal Exhibition Building too.



Because I am there for work it’s easy to take the whole thing for granted. I spend much of my time running around not paying a great deal of attention to what’s around me. But I do like to take some time and explore.

I would say, until next year, but next March I will probably still be on maternity leave. That’s a weird thought.