Lemon Pie Bites

Lemon Pie Bites
You know you’ve found a corker of a recipe when you regret not making a double batch before you’re even finished. This is exactly how I felt while whipping up Lola Berry’s Lemon Pie Bites from her 20/20 Diet Cookbook. I was inspired to head back to this trove of deliciousness in readiness for exploring her new one- The Happy Cookbook.

This recipe is SUPER easy. You’ll probably have most of the ingredients in your cupboard (and substitutions are simple as… pie) and they come together in about 20 minutes. Then you just have to resist them while they set up in the freezer.

Lemon Pie Bites
Lemon Pie Bites (adapted from Lola Berry)

75g (3/4 cup) whole raw almonds
75g (3/4 cup) raw walnuts
45g (1/2 cup) shredded unsweetened coconut
1 tbsp rice malt syrup (you could use honey or maple syrup too)
Juice of 3 lemons (mine were on the small side
Zest of 3 lemons (again mine were smallish, so if you’ve got bigger lemons adjust your zest… but in my opinion, the zestier the better!)
1 vanilla pod scraped
1/2 cup coconut butter
extra coconut for rolling

1. Zest and juice your lemons, set aside
2. Add your almonds, walnuts and shredded coconut to a food processor, whizz it until your nuts are at a meal-ish consistency. It doesn’t matter if they’re a bit chunky.
3. Now in with all your other ingredients and blitz it baby!
4. Roll the mixture into balls and toss through the extra coconut
5. Pop them in the freezer for about 20 minutes to set
6. Enjoy! I store mine in the freezer for an icy treat

Lemon Pie Bites

And now to get my hands on a copy of The Happy Cookbook!



I both love and hate Sundays all at once.

I love them because it’s grocery shopping day- and I really enjoy grocery shopping. I love them because it’s food prep day. I love them because I generally slouch around and don’t really leave the house aside from aforementioned grocery shopping.

I hate them because they are the last day between me and Monday. I really need to start embracing Mondays.

This Sunday just gone wasn’t much different although it did end with Father’s Day dinner for my wonderful dad.

Here’s how the rest of it looked… IMG_4901After looking at them every week I bought a coconut. Fearing for my hands the BF hacked into it for me. I decided we need a cleaver for future coconut hacking. It was amazing. I don’t know what all those coconut water brands do to it when they package it, but honestly, when compared to the real thing, they all kinda suck.IMG_4902Another Sunday treat. For the most part I am a bit of a Pana Chocolate faithful. However I couldn’t resist this little Loving Earth number at the counter of my newly discovered organic-wholefoods market (within walking distance from my house!) It’s coconut mylk and boy oh boy was it good! IMG_4904This was my outrageously large lunch. I did not finish it all. IMG_4903Post lunch it was time to bake. I attempted a Blueberry Buckle upon request from the BF but gave it a clean/paleo twist- almond meal and coconut flour, honey, almond milk, that kind of thing. It wasn’t a complete failure- the coconut sugar crumbly topping was particularly good- but there are definitely some improvements to be made. IMG_4905I think I love Kombucha. This ginger one is my favourite, so zingy and fresh! Continuing to buy might break the bank though so I am going to attempt to brew some at home. I’ll be honest, the result could go either way. I did manage to kill a sour dough starter once…

And then it was off to the parents place for dinner. So long weekend!

Lamingtons (for my love)

Valentine’s Day isn’t really celebrated in our house. Having said that I cannot help but do something, even if it’s just little, and possibly an excuse to bake.

The BF is a huge lamington fan. For those of you not familiar with this classically Australian treat it’s basically 2 layers of sponge cake with jam between them and then covered entirely in chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut. If you’ve not had one, I suggest you hunt one down, or as I did, make your own.

Rather than transcribe the recipes I used you can just head on over to Donna Hay… I started with the basic sponge and then referred to the lamingtons.

So we start with an eggy sponge. 
IMG_1639While that’s baking you can prepare your coconut and chocolate sauce, if it goes a little hard (like mine did) add some extra hot water to loosen it back up.
IMG_1642All of the elements…
IMG_1644But before they all go together you need to cut your sponge in half horizontally (like a big sandwich) and cover one side with jam, the pop the top back on. Now it’s time to cut it into chunks, however large you please.
IMG_1643Get your production line ready. When dipping your spongey squares it’s easiest to use two forks, let the chocolate drain off before it goes into the coconut.

It’s messy work, coconut will go pretty much everywhere.
IMG_1646But it’s worth it in the end… And I was told they were delicious!

Play with your food: Paleo banana bread

Banana bread is one of those things that pretty much everyone has a soft spot for. I am no exception. It’s sweet. It’s smells incredible. It’s so easy to eat I can inhale half of one in little more than five minutes (I’m guessing I could of course… I’ve not actually tried, recently). When I took gluten and sugar off the menu I thought my days of banana bread were over. I mean what is banana bread without its gluteny, sugary goodness? Turns out, banana bread is pretty amazing in all forms.

Over the past few months I’ve been doing some reading up on the Paelo diet and lifestyle. I really like the sound of it, although I’d find it difficult to forgo my natural greek yoghurt and cheese altogether. So when I found this recipe on Move Nourish Believe I had to give it a try.

With all of the ingredients on hand I got to baking… I just made a few tweaks:

1. Instead of honey I used rice malt syrup
2. All of my pumpkin and sunflower seeds ended up in the mix, so I sprinkled some cocoa nibs on top

IMG_1562Ready for the oven. I initially thought that a tablespoon of cinnamon was waaaay too much, the raw batter was super cinnamonny, and I am a fan of the stuff. However, after a some quality time inside the oven (longer than the recipe called for)…

IMG_1563The flavours mellowed and blended leaving me with a kick-ass banana bread, if I do say so myself. Perfect as a snack, slathered with butter, or make it breakfast with some yoghurt and fruit. Either way, it’s delicious!

Play with your food: coconut-raspberry chia pudding

Like so many people, I get into the weekly meal rut and despite the fact that I am often bored as all hell of what’s on my plate I cannot for the life of me break out. The thing is though, I really enjoying cooking and baking and just generally being in the kitchen so it is time to stop procrastinating and actually make some of those recipes I’ve been hoarding on pinterest.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so it was only natural that my experimentation started here. Last August I stopped eating sugar- unless it’s in fruit form- and recently I have been trying to avoid grains and dairy, which eliminates pretty much all of your standard breakfast choices. I’ve got no problem with eggs, however didn’t really want to be eating them everyday (they don’t always agree with me… too much? Sorry, let’s carry on), but what does that leave a girl with? Fruit. Vegetables. I’ve been downing a green smoothie pretty much every morning, but I still need a little something else at 10.30ish to nudge me through until lunch, something dairy and grain free, which ideally doesn’t have to involve eggs. While staring into my pantry and fridge alternatively I was starting to think that I would have to get a new favourite meal because breakfasts were looking decidedly dreary… but then I spied a packet of black chia seeds and remembered a certain recipe I’d pinned when I first ditched sugar.

Raspberry-coconut chia pudding pops! Now, I didn’t need them in pop form, however the idea of a coconut based, raspberry spiked pudding sounded pretty darn good to me. So off I went to assemble the ingredients… I had everything I needed on hand, bonus. I tweaked a few  things
1. I used unsweetened shredded coconut
2. I added some vanilla essence (not that you could really tell in the finished product)
3. I added 1tbsp of coconut protein powder
4. I forgot the stevia (unintentional tweak)

photo (3)

please excuse my messy bench, I will have to improve my ‘here are all my ingredients’ shots in future. This is what happens when you are not thinking ahead about posting…

The recipe was simple enough, throw all ingredients together, rather than let the chia seeds expand in the container I turned my mix into 2 perfect breakfast size portions and stuck them both fridge to get all pudding-like overnight.

The following day when I cracked open my pudding filled mason jar I was pretty pleased with myself. And even more so when I actually tucked in to eat it…

photo (4)

Needless to say my hope for breakfast has been renewed and my curiosity for further experimentation alight.

Protein-coconut ‘scramble’

It is occasionally necessary to improvise when in the kitchen. This morning for example I had intended to make myself a pancake for breakfast, however when I was throwing everything together I realised that I had no eggs- brilliant.

Hmm… what can you use in place of eggs in a pancake? A banana would have worked, but I didn’t have any of those either.

I flipped and flopped and tossed this and that into my bowl. It looked like pancake batter, kind of. Into the pan it went and it was quickly obvious that this creation of mine was not going to hold together. When it was flipped the middle broke out, so close, and yet so very far.

Rather than let it go to waste I scrambled my almost-pancake up. And you know what… throw on some greek yoghurt and strawberries, and you’ve got yourself a surprisingly delicious breakfast!


Protein-coconut ‘scramble’

1 sachet perfect fit protein (or 20g of your preferred protein powder)
1/3 cup almond meal
1/4 cup (ish) unsweetened shredded coconut (or to taste if you love/hate coconut)
2 tbsp coconut oil, melted
milk (cow, soy, almond, whatever takes your fancy)- as much as you need to get to your desired consistency

Throw everything in a bowl and mix it up until combined. Heat up your pan/skillet and add your choice of lubrication- butter, margarine, coconut oil. Pour in your batter and form into a rough pancake shape. When it’s time to flip it, do your best to get it all over in one go (the only part that flipped properly for me was the section that stuck to my flipper- it looked sad). Once you’ve got some flipped over, scramble it up! Flick it all around until it looks cooked, it shouldn’t take too long. Plate it up with your toppings of choice. Enjoy!