Choose Your Own Ice Pop Adventure

Summer is coming! We’ve already had a few glimpses of it here in Melbourne- our new AC units cannot be installed quick enough.

Now I am not what you call a hot weather kid, give me Autumn crispness any old day, but the warmer weather does have its perks, one of which is devouring sweet, frozen treats.

The problem with most icy poles is that they are loaded with sugar and artificial nasties, so this year I wanted to create a cleaner, healthier version.

First of course we needed the moulds. Now most of the moulds you can get here are little, kiddy type ones.  They would not do at all. Amazon naturally provides s variety of better options.

Ice pop moulds


Once you’ve got the hardware the rest is up to your imagination! We started with a banana smoothie pop. Then a raspberry-mint yoghurt.

Watermelon margerhita

Watermelon Margerhita- juice watermelon, lime and mint.

Pear-pine devine

Pear-pine Devine- juice pineapple, pear, apple, lemon.

Peaces 'n' (coconut) cream

Peaches ‘n’ (coconut) cream- blend peaches, add coconut milk.

The options are truly endless. All you need to do is blend, or juice, pour, and freeze! BOOM!

The Night Markets

One of the best things about Melbourne is the Queen Victoria Market. One of the best things about Melbourne in summer is the Night Markets.

IMG_0554Held every Wednesday from November to March the Night Markets are a complete sensory overload in the best possible way.IMG_0555There is food and drinks and music and food and market stalls and food. Deciding what to eat is definitely the biggest challenge. Well that, and parking. Public transport is the way to do it. IMG_0556A smoky haze under the roof. That’s the best smelling smoky haze you are likely to encounter, believe me.

Before you start the walk through the food options, some refreshment is in order. At least it was for us… IMG_0557Sangria. There was a white wine version too, but my friend and I decided to be traditional. I’m not a huge drinker anymore, but this was incredible! Light and not too red winey. Perfect for a balmy summer’s night. IMG_0558What to eat? What to eat? The food stalls range from Vietnamese pancakes to South American BBQ and everything in between. I was seriously tempted by a Mediterranean grill and American chicken wings. But in the end opted for the Phat Brat. A bratwurst sausage topped with pulled pork, some kind of magical sauce and a cabbage and apple slaw. Boom. IMG_0559It was spectacular. IMG_0553And surprisingly paired quite well with the sangria. IMG_0560There are stalls to suit almost any Christmas list and more. There is even massage, psychics, clairvoyants, palm readers… I was tempted to get my Tarot Cards read. IMG_0561What’s a good market without a barefoot gentleman or two playing folk music?

I am already planning what I will eat on my next trip!