Three Bags Full

A break from breakfast tradition.

Three Bags Full is in Abbottsford, and on the one occasion I visited before the place was jammed with people and there was a line for a table. Only in Melbourne do we line up for brunch. Melburnians take brunch seriously.

This time around however we arrived a little after 8am- thanks to dropping the car off for a service bright and early- we had our pick of the tables.

Three Bags Full

Three Bags Full

We started off with a tea for two. English Breakfast for him. Calmer Sutra chai for me. IMG_1032
Although much of the menu sounds delicious I find Three Bags Full one of these places- that seem to be popping up a lot now- that make things a little too fancy. When it comes to breakfast I tend to go for things that are simple and tasty. Lunch and dinner can be more “interesting” but breakfast is for the classics, in my opinion.

After a few sweeps of the menu I went with the sautéed mushrooms, which would ordinarily come with goat’s cheese, but things of that nature are on hold until September, disappointing.

Three Bags Full

When it arrived… holy cow that’s a whole lotta mushrooms! They were really tasty, super mushroom-y with the sweetness from the shallots. But halfway through I was struggling. It was just. So. Much. Mushroom. Half a serve of the ‘shrooms with a nice egg would have done with trick.

We were in and out in about half an hour, we are nothing if not efficient in our breakfast pursuits.

If you’re in the Abbottsford area, check out Three Bags Full, just make sure you get there early!

Three Bags Full


Three Bags Full
Corner Nicholson St and Mollison St, Abbottsford

The Banff

I should start by clarifying I am not talking about the popular Canadian skiing destination. As much as I would love to wax lyrical about the place the fact that I have never actually visited it makes that a little difficult.

What I am talking about is The Banff, a little St Kilda restaurant with a relaxed vibe and tasty food. The staff aren’t always the friendliest but it can be overlooked due to the speed at which your food arrives. And if you head there on a Tuesday (as I did with a couple of friends) you’ll get all the In House pizzas for $6 a pop.

IMG_1613This was my pizza, the mushroom ragu, it was not quite as ragu-ish as I remembered but still delicious. I could quite easily have eaten two.

IMG_1612There’s mine again along with the Italian sausage and olive that one of my companions enjoyed. I had a little taste, it was pretty darn good.

IMG_1616The bolognese pizza is up the back there, it, and like the two before it was also very tasty. Oh yes, and to create a little balance with all of our carbs and cheese, we got some salads too.

IMG_1614Pumpkin, goats cheese and red onion; pear and parmesan; apple, walnut and blue cheese. They were all demolished.

A perfectly relaxed Tuesday dinner.

The Banff
145 Fitzroy St, St Kilda
9525 3899