Life happens. So do rainbows.

The BF and I arrived home nearly three weeks ago. We’re getting to that point where it’s like we were never gone. It happens, right?

Since we stepped back onto Australian soil I have attempted to write two new posts only to leave them unfinished. I have looked at my blog only those two times and I guess part of me has wondered if I would come back to this little corner of the Internet. There is a lot going on. Work. Study. Life. It all gets in the way of me waxing lyrical over here.

Thing is though, despite all that’s going on, I often find myself thinking that I want to write about this or that. Show a photo or two…

Speaking of which, here is the rainbow I saw on the way to work today. I may have nearly crashed attempting to get the best photo of it. Thankfully no police officers happened to see that!

So, I guess I have decided that I won’t be retiring from my Internet rumblings just yet.

Then I suppose I should fill you in on what’s been happening. I was a European Gypsy for 6 weeks. It was brilliant. I relaxed all of my eating and indulged in every pizza, gelato, Nutella, pastry… you name it, I ate it. And it was spectacular.

This was possibly the best lemon tart I have ever eaten.

There are so many photos it’s kind of bonkers. So rather than go on a photo overdose I will simply point you to my Instagram feed that was over flowing with sights and food and selfies.

A few times I’ve found myself browsing through the photos I took, it already feels like so long ago. Sad. But that just means it’s time to plan the next one!

What’s been happening since we got back? Well, I started a Whole30 on July 2. Two weeks in and I am feeling pretty darn good. Honestly, I can’t really see much of a difference, but I see myself everyday, so I guess it’s difficult to judge.

This week I’ve had to make some additional tweaks because I was pretty much od-ing on eggs and my belly was less than pleased about it. Whoops. I should have known really having had to cutout eggs for 8 weeks a couple of years ago. It’s all good though, I’m just working around it.

A habit that I have gotten into is cataloging (for want of a better word) my day. I started while we were away so I could remember what we did- it’s easy for everything to blur together.

20130718-195258.jpg (there’s that rainbow again…) This is how my Thursday looked. I ate my first Medjool date. Oh dear. I don’t think I’ll be able to keep them in the house too often, they’re delicious!

That’s it for now. Tomorrow is Friday. Good news.