The Run Diaries: 10k training

imageOne of my goals for 2016 is to run 10k.

I worked up to 5k at the end of last year and planned to start 10k training come January 1. It’s now the end of Jan and I’ve not made much progress. I’ve missed planned runs. I’ve stopped mid-run. I just haven’t found a groove.

Rather than get discouraged and throw in the towel- which I would have done in the past- I have created a coach program on the Nike+ running app.

imageI’ve been using the app for ages but haven’t looked into any of the features beyond tracking my runs and walks. I’ve also discov

The program includes run days, cross-train days, walk days and rest days. You check off each day as you complete it so I am hoping that seeing the activities get checked off with help  my motivation.

Here goes nothing!

It’s November.

When my alarm went of this morning I did not want to get up. It’s been the same all week. But like every other morning I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed and took myself off to the gym. I never regret it, but that doesn’t make getting up any easier. 

Today was a little bit different because today is a new month and a fresh start. This month I am going to kick this flat feeling and get back to feeling like me. This month I am going to start a meditation practice. This month I am going to move- only 62.75km left to reach 200 by December 1. This month I will make choices that I will be proud of. This month I will dream big. IMG_5548[1]

It’s difficult to not be optimistic about the month ahead when it starts off looking this good.

What are you doing for yourself in November?


Workin’ it: run girl, RUN

Friend: I’m just not a runner
Me: nor am I, but no one is born a runner.
Friend: true
Me: well, except maybe Ethiopians and Kenyans, but they have to run away from lions and things. 


My poorly articulated point here was that perhaps Ethopians and Kenyans had running ingrained into their DNA? It seems unlikely, I grant you, however what other explanation could there be for the huge number of runners from these nations who crush it in international competition?

If running is DNA related then I have a bone to pick. You see my sister is currently in training for her second Oxfam Trailwalker. For those who are not familiar with this event is a 100k trail, and the terrain is hardly forgiving. And my dear sister is going to run it. The mere thought of this makes me slightly light headed. My point, and I promise I have one, is if she can do it and we received DNA from the same parents, then why can’t I? I should point out that 12 months ago I was right into running. I even trained with my crazy, inspirational sister, baby runs for her were monster ones for me, but I still kept pace. By March I was running 10k and then my knee went a bit funny, I lost my running mojo and it all fell apart.

While sitting in some truly horrendous traffic on the way home today I took photos of my side mirror…

IMG_1683Irrelevant, I know. After that though I had a peruse of my Tone It Up app and saw this…

IMG_1682A post from Katrina and Karena about running. And it could not have arrived at a better time. So after reading away as I crawled from light to light I found myself thinking, why can’t I be a runner? And if I am honest, there is no reason. There are excuses sure, I’m tried, My legs are sore (from all those deadlifts yesterday!), It’s too hot, ra ra ra… but they’re just excuses, aren’t they? I make up, they’re not real.

So with this in mind, tomorrow morning I am going to get up when that bootycall alarm goes off at 5.30am and I am going to run. And I will continue to wander on back to Tone It Up (as I do most days if I’m honest) over the next two weeks for more tips about making running fun and part of my life. DNA or not, this is going to happen.

I am not a runner, yet.