Choose Your Own Ice Pop Adventure

Summer is coming! We’ve already had a few glimpses of it here in Melbourne- our new AC units cannot be installed quick enough.

Now I am not what you call a hot weather kid, give me Autumn crispness any old day, but the warmer weather does have its perks, one of which is devouring sweet, frozen treats.

The problem with most icy poles is that they are loaded with sugar and artificial nasties, so this year I wanted to create a cleaner, healthier version.

First of course we needed the moulds. Now most of the moulds you can get here are little, kiddy type ones.  They would not do at all. Amazon naturally provides s variety of better options.

Ice pop moulds


Once you’ve got the hardware the rest is up to your imagination! We started with a banana smoothie pop. Then a raspberry-mint yoghurt.

Watermelon margerhita

Watermelon Margerhita- juice watermelon, lime and mint.

Pear-pine devine

Pear-pine Devine- juice pineapple, pear, apple, lemon.

Peaces 'n' (coconut) cream

Peaches ‘n’ (coconut) cream- blend peaches, add coconut milk.

The options are truly endless. All you need to do is blend, or juice, pour, and freeze! BOOM!

Snaps from the weekend

This weekend just past was a four day one for me. Tuesday was Melbourne Cup Day, one of the perks of living in Melbourne, and I took the Monday too. I love having no alarm to wake me up for four days in a row, it’s lovely. IMG_5572 IMG_5573 IMG_5574 IMG_5575Saturday started with a walk around the hood. IMG_5567Followed by an amazing soy chai. IMG_5576 IMG_5577 IMG_5570One of my favourite breakfasts. IMG_5579

Gluten and sugar free Banana-coconut muffins. They were so light and fluffy. The following day they were dry and kind of horrible. Better luck next time. IMG_5601We did something a little different with the nachos on Sunday… There is a heap of shredded beef hiding under all that corn chip-salsa-cheesy goodness. And naturally you can’t have nachos without sour cream and guacamole (my speciality). IMG_5587

I spotted this guy across the road from my gym. IMG_5602

Juicing! The BF bought us a new juicer about a week ago. It’s amazing. I will have to show it off at some point. IMG_5603Then there was baking. Double chocolate donuts with salted caramel drizzle (recipe here). IMG_5604 IMG_5591Another soy chai and my other favourite breakfast.

Not a bad weekend I think…

Good mornin’ green juice

I am a green juice convert.


There was a time when the mere mention of a green juice or smoothie would have had me screwing up my nose in distaste. Ick. Why on earth would I want to go and ruining a perfectly good juice or smoothie with spinach? It just made no sense.

But then I got sick, stayed in hospital for a week and a half, and quickly came around to the idea of greens all up in my morning beverages. I got on board pretty quickly and then I finally found kale popping up at my local Woolies and green grocers and boy oh boy am I a goner.

My days now start with a green juice, full of goodness and freshness and life. I follow the Tone It Up ladies (not in a creepy stalkerish way, that’d be difficult with me in Melbourne, Australia and them in Southern California… but I digress), so I also throw in apple cider vinegar, cinnamon and cayenne pepper, and you’ve got yourself a green bombshell spell- that’s what I like to think of it as anyway.


Good mornin’ green juice
1 large handful of baby spinach
2-3 full (leaves and all) celery stalks
4-5 kale leaves
1 lemon
1 piece of ginger
1/2 green apple
1/2 pear
*optional extras, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, cayenne pepper

Juice all that fresh produce and serve over ice! Or pour into into a trusty travel cup and take it on the road.


Whichever way you drink it, you’ll have a healthy (and maybe kind of smug…) glow for the rest of the day.