Play with your food: Blueberry and vanilla protein overnight oats

I am officially not a coeliac. This wonderful news for a number of reasons; the largest of which is that I can now enjoy baguettes, pizza, pasta and countless pastry treats while on the Euro-Gypsy-Adventure. Another, less monumental reason is that I can now have overnight oats without potentially causing harm to my digestive system. Hurrah!

The craze that is overnight oats has been floating around on pinterest and instagram for a while now. Me being set in my breakfast eating ways had resisted the temptation… until yesterday that is when the lure of hearty oats, fruit and all the other bits and pieces became too much for me. IMG_2234 This happened in my kitchen last night. I looked at a few recipes before embarking on my own creation, but gave them very little thought ones things were being spirknled, tossed and poured into my jar. All of my ingredients went it, I screwed on the lid, and into the fridge it went.

I will admit I was skeptical. I had no idea how it was going to turn out. IMG_2249And I didn’t exactly feel relief when I cracked the jar open. Not the most attractive of breakfasts is it?IMG_2250Once I dug in it was a little better… oh hello there blueberries!

The little jar of goodness was CRAZY FILLING. I actually had to take a break part of the way through and sip on some hot water. I finished it though, don’t you worry.

My verdict on overnight oats? AMAZING! They were tasty and filling and even after a few hours my belly is still pleasantly full. What more can you ask for!?

Blueberry vanilla protein overnight oats

Ingredients (this is just what I used, you could mix it up however you please)
50g fibre cleanse muesli
1 scoop vanilla Sunwarrior protein
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1 tbsp chia seeds
1 tbsp flaxmeal
1 cup almond milk
1 tsp maca powder
Seeds and nuts as you please

1. Start off by combining your almond milk, protein and maca powder, shake them up in whatever you’ve got handy.
2. Take half your museli (or oats of choice) and dump them into the bottom of your jar, add to this half a tablespoon of both the chia seeds and flaxmeal, mix them all around.
3. Pour in half of your almond milk mixture and give it a stir. I didn’t stir it particularly well and there were a couple of unsoaked chunks today.
4. Blueberries next, throw them on in, I didn’t bother defrosting them seeing as a night in the fridge was going to do that for me.
5. In goes your remaining museli, chia seeds, flaxmeal and milk. Give it another stir as best you can with the blueberries all up in there.
6. Sprinkle your toppers, I went with sunflower and sesame seeds, and pepitas.
7. Seal it up and refrigerate overnight.
8. Crack it open in the morning and devour! IMG_2255I am already thinking about what to add next time… cinnamon and shredded coconut are definitely on the list.

Play with your food: coconut-raspberry chia pudding

Like so many people, I get into the weekly meal rut and despite the fact that I am often bored as all hell of what’s on my plate I cannot for the life of me break out. The thing is though, I really enjoying cooking and baking and just generally being in the kitchen so it is time to stop procrastinating and actually make some of those recipes I’ve been hoarding on pinterest.

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day so it was only natural that my experimentation started here. Last August I stopped eating sugar- unless it’s in fruit form- and recently I have been trying to avoid grains and dairy, which eliminates pretty much all of your standard breakfast choices. I’ve got no problem with eggs, however didn’t really want to be eating them everyday (they don’t always agree with me… too much? Sorry, let’s carry on), but what does that leave a girl with? Fruit. Vegetables. I’ve been downing a green smoothie pretty much every morning, but I still need a little something else at 10.30ish to nudge me through until lunch, something dairy and grain free, which ideally doesn’t have to involve eggs. While staring into my pantry and fridge alternatively I was starting to think that I would have to get a new favourite meal because breakfasts were looking decidedly dreary… but then I spied a packet of black chia seeds and remembered a certain recipe I’d pinned when I first ditched sugar.

Raspberry-coconut chia pudding pops! Now, I didn’t need them in pop form, however the idea of a coconut based, raspberry spiked pudding sounded pretty darn good to me. So off I went to assemble the ingredients… I had everything I needed on hand, bonus. I tweaked a few  things
1. I used unsweetened shredded coconut
2. I added some vanilla essence (not that you could really tell in the finished product)
3. I added 1tbsp of coconut protein powder
4. I forgot the stevia (unintentional tweak)

photo (3)

please excuse my messy bench, I will have to improve my ‘here are all my ingredients’ shots in future. This is what happens when you are not thinking ahead about posting…

The recipe was simple enough, throw all ingredients together, rather than let the chia seeds expand in the container I turned my mix into 2 perfect breakfast size portions and stuck them both fridge to get all pudding-like overnight.

The following day when I cracked open my pudding filled mason jar I was pretty pleased with myself. And even more so when I actually tucked in to eat it…

photo (4)

Needless to say my hope for breakfast has been renewed and my curiosity for further experimentation alight.