I don’t really like resolutions. They are so often unattainable and only serve to make you feel terrible guilt by about January 17.

So, this year rather than make another list of things I probably won’t do, I have given myself an intention. Sounds wanky right? And I guess it is, in a way. But wanky or not, I intend to make 2013 my healthiest and happiest year yet. As part of this I signed up for (and am loving) the Tone It Up Love Your Body challenge, which started on January 1. The Tone It Up community has been a brilliant support and motivation and the community feed has well and truly taken over from facebook as the place I head to kill a few minutes. But I digress…

In addition to being an active Tone It Up member I also thought I should work my habits. Apparently it takes 21 (or maybe 28) days to form/break a habit, so I will see if these things stick. I am starting with 2 new habits, one about eating and one about moving.

Habit one. Eating before and after dinner. I am a serious snacker. Almost as soon as I am in he door my brain is telling me to find the nearest food source. Likewise, after dinner, I find myself searching for something sweet. But not anymore… I’ve been working on this one for a week or two and am pleased to say that I have managed to avoid both the pre and post-dinner snacking. It’s really quite satisfying feeling a new habit solidify.

Habit two. Staying inside all day long. Unless I need to pick up groceries I often find myself making excuses to stay inside during my lunch break when I could be out in the sun and fresh air. I have all day to do work and peruse pinterest that does not need to include my lunch hour. My lunch hour will now be used to get out and walk around the neighbourhood.


These two habit changes have also made me more mindful of both eating and moving at other times too, which is a nice additional benefit.

Here’s to new habits!