The Run Diaries: 10k week 3


I felt pretty darn good about week 3.

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Having never been much of a weekend exerciser before I am surprised at how much I enjoy my Saturday runs- I feel like it sets me up for a successful and productive day.

This week I added in some workouts from the Nike Training Club app too, I’ll definitely continue with them because you get an amazing workout and do not have to think at all. I love the fact that each move is timed and they tell you what to do. And my legs were seriously feeling the burn. So. Good.

An happy side effect I’ve noticed in the last week is that I feel a lot more grounded and in control when I’ve done a good workout that day. Its not something that necessarily surprises me, but certianly something I’ve needed after notching that I’ve been feeling a bit low and anxious recently.

When I started this program I did it with the idea that afterwards I might move on to Half Marathon training… And although I am so far really enjoying my runs, the thought of running for 2+ hours just isn’t that appealing. By the end of the 8 weeks I may change my mind, but at the moment I am thinking that 10k will be quite enough. I’ll have to find another new challenge instead.

Happy running!

The Run Diaries: 10k week 2


I can’t quite believe I’m already 2 weeks into my training. This week I missed one session on Friday due to some serious cake baking that was taking place (more on that another time).

2 runs this week and I felt pretty good during both of them. The first one was run-walk-run. The second run part was tough, not from a breathing point of view, I think I am getting better at controlling my breathing. But my legs felt so heavy when I started running after the walk section, they were seriously lead-like. I pushed through but I think my pace was slower than normal.

The second was run (2 min)- walk (1 min) intervals. I was sweaty and red faced by the end but felt pretty awesome. All of my run intervals were quick (for me), well under 6 minutes per km. It definitely felt like a natural, comfortable pace, however it’s not one I think I could maintain for a full 10k. So that’s something I’ll be working on.

This week too included my first “virtual run” with the Hogwarts Running Club. I’ve not done a virtual fun run before, but it was nice to think that people from all over the place were doing their own 5k too. I’ll definitely be signing up for another one. image

So week 2 is done and dusted. Looking forward to week 3!

The Run Diaries: 10k week 1

So week 1 of my 10k training consisted of only 1 real run. But that’s cool because I pretty much nailed it. imageIt wasn’t a straight run- because this is a beginner program and I may have thrown up on my shoes if it was. Instead it was run-walk intervals. To be honest I’ve tried to stay away from the old run-walk interval because I find myself just counting down the seconds until I get to walk again. And yes, I did some of that during this run, but I also enjoyed the running bits, so that’s kinda cool.

Masked from the run, I also did a lot of walking and some swimming one morning (for cross training)- and I had totally forgotten how much of a workout swimming is! The only bummer is that I can’t wear my Fitbit while doing it so I don’t get to see what my heart rate does.

This is how my week lookedimage

Overall I feel good about how week 1 has gone, and I am looking forward to seeing how things progress.

Lately I am loving…

1. Breaking BadBreaking Bad
With only 3 episodes left all I can think is; how is it all going to end? I swing between wanting Walt to get caught and wanting him to get away every episode. It’s tense. I love it.

2. KombuchaMojo Ginger Tonic Kombucha
Following people in the US on instagram has its drawbacks, one of which is you see so many delicious things that we just can’t get here in Australia. Thankfully, I have managed to get my hands on Kombucha and it was love at first sip. My favourite flavour so far is Ginger Tonic, so tart and refreshing. There is a batch currently doing its thing on my kitchen bench- I am very much looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

3. The Nike Plus appNike Plus
I can’t remember how I came across this app but it’s got to be the best $2.50 I’ve spent. Super handy for tracking distance and speed, I turned it on whenever I go for a walk or run (and while trying to get in 200km before summer it’s proving particularly helpful!)

4. Pana ChocolatePana Chocolate- sour cherry and vanilla
Cinnamon. Mint. Coconut & Goji. Nuts. Eighty. They are all amazing, and until this week I would have been hard pressed to pick a favourite (cinnamon probably would have won by a nose), but then Sour Cherry and Vanilla happened and my little mind was blown. So sour. So smooth. So sweet. The sourness of the cherry perfectly offsets the bitterness of the dark chocolate and it is just lick your fingers (and the wrapper) good.

What on your love list?