A morning at the zoo

Last week we had a little visit to Melbourne Zoo. Thanks to being members we don’t need to make it a day trip, and can happily go for an hour or so, see a couple of things and then come home.

G loves all the animals and there is lots of pointing and “wows”.

To blog or not to blog…

I’ve stared this post numerous times. Generally in the shower or while I’m making little G’s bottle, or any other time when actually getting it out isn’t really possible.

Right now, I am on the couch watching Rage (an Australian weekend institution for those of you not familiar) with a bowl of half eaten yogurt, strawberries and banana beside me, and a sleeping baby lying across my lap- hence the half eaten breakfast.

Little G is now 7 and a half weeks old- by the time I actually post this she’ll probably be 2 months or more. And since her arrival time has gone by in a bit of a blur and my days have suddenly become strangely full, and yet not at all productive. It’s difficult to explain. And when I have a moment to myself I think about this little corner of the Internet and I miss it.

I didn’t realise just how long it had been… more than 3 months. That’s too long, way too long. And I’d like to say that it won’t happen again but I can’t guarantee it, unfortunately.

My problem is that no matter how much I enjoy rambling away here I find myself wondering if I really have very much to say. This morning though, while on our morning walk I realised that all I need to write about what’s going on with me, it is Erin Maynie Everyday after all…

So that’s what’s going to happen! But first… here’s the source of all the distraction

Me and Little G