Easter slutty brownies

I will pretty much take any excuse to bake something. And easter is as good a reason as any. I had many ideas in mind when it came to easter creations.

1. Cheesecake filled chocolate eggs with a passionfruit “yolk”
2. Chocolate egg nests
3. Easter slutty brownies.

Two and three happened, my nests were not quite as nest-like as I was hoping, but it’s hard to go wrong with slutty brownies. Now you can make these babies bonkers easy by using box mix for both the cookie and brownie components. But I am a sucker for creaming some butter and sugar so I made a from scratch cookie base. The brownie layer however, well you must use Betty Crocker. IMG_2006Ingredients, most of them anyway, not pictured is the flour, baking powder and castor sugar for the cookie layer and the vegetable oil (I used rice bran) for the brownie layer.

First up, cookie layer…IMG_2011Butter and both sugars. Cream.IMG_2012Egg and vanilla. Beat. IMG_2028I love a good action shot… or four. Mixing. Mixing. Mixing. Mixing. IMG_2029Cookie dough. IMG_2016Now squish it into your pan.

Brownie time! IMG_2023Peel your eggs. I had two kinds, the big ones are caramel filled, the little ones are straight up chocolate. Once that’s done you’re ready to make brownie batter. Now focus, this is tricky…IMG_2018Dump all ingredients into a bowl and mix.IMG_2020Eggs meet brownie mix.IMG_2021Brownie mix meet cookie. IMG_2008And you’re ready for the oven.IMG_2034Baked up to gooey-brownie-cookie goodness. The only mistake I made was cutting the chunks too large…

If you fancy looking at the original slutty brownies head over to The Londoner, I can almost guarantee they won’t be the only thing to catch your eye.

Happy (slightly belated) Easter!