Getting ready for the sun…

IMG_4877Spring is upon us, and summer is just around the corner!

Now I do love a Melbourne winter, but I am pretty excited to see a run of sunny 24 and 25 degree days ahead. In preparation I am embarking on a few challenges.

1. 200 by Summer
Inspired by a post I saw on the Tone It Up! community I am aiming to complete 200km by December 1. In an effort to make this not quite so daunting I worked out that starting on September 1 that’s about 2.2km a day, now that’s not nearly as intimidating! A few days in (I started on August 29) and I have already clocked up 12.45km- not a bad start.

2. Move + NourishIMG_4885Lee over at Fitness in the City has launched a September clean eating and exercise challenge and I was quick to sign up. The idea is simple focus on eating real, whole foods and making an effort to move everyday. She’s even provided a handy e-book with recipes, shopping lists and workout ideas to set you up for success. I’m already looking forward to feeling lighter and more energised for trips to the beach.

3. Drop it like a SQUAT!IMG_4883

Because who doesn’t want a strong booty?

What are you doing to get ready for summer?