Two. Months.

The countdown continues, but now I feel like we’re at the business end.


Yesterday I ticked over 31 weeks, so our weekly countdown is now into single digits and today it’s precisely 2 months until this little life is due to enter the world. As this is my first I am well aware that it could stretch out a further week, but that’s not the point, the point is that it’s due in 2 months. Holy cow.

So what’s been going on in preggo-land? Well…

– I am in love with these dresses (which I wear as tops) I have 2 in black, one black and grey stripe and one burgundy. A number of my old tops have now been officially retired for the moment because they no longer cover the bump
– I have discovered that you can camouflage two liquid iron sachets in a green smoothie no worries
– Baby is kicking and wiggling like crazy, and I love it
– There are still some foods that I just don’t want to eat, risotto and tostadas being the main ones (much to the BF’s disappointment)
– Getting up in the morning to exercise before work is increasingly difficult (ie. impossible)
– Lunch time walks at work are a must
– I am back tracking my steps and sleep on the fitbit. I dropped my step goal considerably but it still encourages me to move more during the day
– A mental list is already forming of all the things I would like to eat once baby is here, the list includes: poached eggs, soft cheese, bbq chicken
– Most of the time I pretty much feel like a supermodel… seriously in love with my pregnant belly
– Not in love with the sore back and ribs

I could go on… and on, but that’s about enough for the moment.



One thought on “Two. Months.

  1. It’s so great that you’re enjoying pregnancy so much. I love your enthusiasm. Just wait till you have that baby in your arms, it’s gonna be happiness overload! 🙂

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