A wardrobe for the bump and beyond: Part One

As a (nearly half way!) pregnant person I am noticing that my available wardrobe options are starting to dwindle. Considering I already often lament that “I have NOTHING to wear” this is an issue. Thankfully I was very lucky to have been gifted some dollars for my recent birthday to bolster my preggo wardrobe.  Bless my loved ones!

However, rather than just head off into various shops with an eager smile and a pile o’ cash burning a hole in my pocket, I have decided I need a plan.

Planning and me don’t generally go together. Planning and shopping and me definitely don’t. Unless I have a specific event to buy for my shopping is hap-hazard at best.

Oooh I like that top.

Yes, I absolutely need another cardigan

I don’t have a pair of jeans in this particular shade of blue.

I am confident I have said all of the above at least once and so many other things like it I should probably be ashamed.  I’m not, but I probably should be.

So, how does one make this kind of plan? Well, I have taken inspiration from Allie of Be Up & Doing, who in turn took inspiration from Anuschka of Into Mind.

First you need to nut out what your personal style is. Having never thought about this before I’ve no idea what my personal style is. But I suppose there are a few things that come to mind
1. I wear pants pretty much always
2. I love animal print and brightly colour ballet flats
3. If I am not at work I wear thongs (flips flops) everywhere (unless the BF gives me the “put on some shoes” look)
4. Most of my tops are plain singlets (tanks) and tshirts
5. I wear a lot of scarves and cardigans
6. As much as I love to look at them, I do not like wearing heels (this is kind of disappointing at my measley 5’2″)

the uniform

I’m sure I could come up with more but this pretty much sums me up.

So rather than fight against this and choose things that I will never wear, I need to work with this framework. Now this doesn’t mean that I will never again purchase an item of clothing that is outside of this framework, of course I will, but said item/s will be more considered and planned than they currently are at present.

What now? Well, I think now it’s time to get back into my wardrobe and detox it. I did this not too long ago, but honestly I was soft, there were numerous things that should have met the GO pile and didn’t. Once I have another GO pile it will be a matter of deciding do they go directly to the opp shop (thrift store) or do I try and sell them? Having never attempted to sell anything before this option feels utterly terrifying for some reason, however, if it can bolster the cash stocks and allow me a little more wiggle room on the new purchases, then I suppose it’s worth a try.

I just need to work out how to sign up for ebay…


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