12 Day Sugar Detox

It’s summer. How it got to December 1 so quickly I hardly understand. But here we are nonetheless.

Waaaaay back in September I decided (after seeing a post in the Tone It Up! community) that I would set myself a goal of running/walking/swimming/riding 200km by December 1. And as of this morning my tally was 219.5km. Yes. I did it and am very pleased. Rather than let this momentum fall away I have set myself another, slightly more lofty, target of 100km in December- the December Century I am calling it. That averages to about 3.25km-ish a day. It’s worth a try.

Starting today I am also embarking on my first 21 Day Sugar Detox. 21 Day Sugar Detox ebookI made this decision 3 days ago, mostly on a whim. Well, not entirely on a whim. I had been thinking about it for a while but had talked myself out of doing it more times than I am willing to admit. This time I am making it stick. Within the book there are three levels- I’m starting with 1- and for each there is a day-by-day meal plan for you to follow and a yes and no foods list. So you can follow the plan to the letter, or do your own thing.

I won’t be following the plan to the letter but I am definitely using some of the recipes. To prep myself for the week ahead today I whipped up some parsnip fritters (based on the root vegie hash recipe), some sausage and apple patties and a batch of quinoa. I am set.

No doubt it will be a challenge, especially in light of all the Christmas baking I plan on doing in the next few weeks. But I will not be using that as an excuse to not do it.

Have you ever done, or thought about doing, a sugar detox?


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