Mr Nice Guy’s Bakeshop

The other day while perusing instagram I saw scrolled past a photo of Lola Berry’s of a gorgeous little cupcake aptly named the Unicorn Milkshake. The name alone would have made me buy it but the fact it is as cute as its name suggests had me rather desperate to find the creator of such a little beauty.

So, while on the way to the Cake Expo with my sister on Saturday, I very nearly crashed the car when I realised we were in Ascot Vale and on the very same road as Mr Nice Guy’s Bakeshop. I spotted the light aqua shop front and managed not to squeal. But, we were on route to the Show Grounds so I made a mental note to return.

The Cake Expo was… disappointing. I took a couple of photos for wedding cake inspiration but that was about it. And so, we decided to get our cake and eat it too at Mr Nice Guy’s on the way home. Yeeeeeees. Mr Nice Guy's Bakeshop

Everything is vegan, and there are heaps of gluten and sugar free options too. Mr Nice Guy's: chilli chocolate Mr Nice Guy's: Elvis scroll

There were so many options… I was seriously tempted by the Elvis.Mr Nice Guy's: cupcakesOur cupcakes arrived before our drinks. Sister’s is on the left a gluten and sugar free chocolate number. My 2 minis are on the right, the Orange Creamsicle and the Unicorn Milkshake. Mr Nice Guy's: almond milk chaiMy almond milk chai. There was a variety of dairy-free options and the chai was a syrup that they brewed on site. Mr Nice Guy's: Unicorn MilkshakeThe Unicorn Milkshake even had glitter. Mr Nice Guy's: goneDelicious! I know where I’ll be going next time I need a cupcake fix!


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