Last weekend I visited the Harbour City to see some friends.

I was supposed to be there on Friday night, however thanks to Tiger Air and a last minute cancellation I arrived at 8.30 on Saturday morning… just in time for breakfast. IMG_5153This was quite possibly the best almond milk chai I have had the pleasure of drinking. IMG_5154Then there was the green eggs and bacon (and feta and roquette – which on the menu was listed as rockets).

Once breakfast was done it was time to shop. It’s been ages since I had a shopping expedition, and we headed straight to the city centre.IMG_5155This was the view on the way… IMG_5157Sydney’s quite pretty. IMG_5156Mid shopping snack (lunch). Fro-yo is my splurge food, I can’t go past it. IMG_5159Dinner was Mexican… what else?IMG_5158Steak fajitas and chicken tacos. They were pretty tasty, but I’ll be honest, I wanted to go here because of the name alone. IMG_5162Sunday saw us crossing an impressive bridge, Anzac bridge to be precise. We were on our way to Paddington for brunch, which ended up being lunch after an hour and a half drive- apparently you can’t go everywhere you want when the Sydney Marathon is on, whoops! IMG_5163After breakfast we found a park with a view.

Not bad Sydney, not bad.


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