Lately I am loving…

1. Breaking BadBreaking Bad
With only 3 episodes left all I can think is; how is it all going to end? I swing between wanting Walt to get caught and wanting him to get away every episode. It’s tense. I love it.

2. KombuchaMojo Ginger Tonic Kombucha
Following people in the US on instagram has its drawbacks, one of which is you see so many delicious things that we just can’t get here in Australia. Thankfully, I have managed to get my hands on Kombucha and it was love at first sip. My favourite flavour so far is Ginger Tonic, so tart and refreshing. There is a batch currently doing its thing on my kitchen bench- I am very much looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

3. The Nike Plus appNike Plus
I can’t remember how I came across this app but it’s got to be the best $2.50 I’ve spent. Super handy for tracking distance and speed, I turned it on whenever I go for a walk or run (and while trying to get in 200km before summer it’s proving particularly helpful!)

4. Pana ChocolatePana Chocolate- sour cherry and vanilla
Cinnamon. Mint. Coconut & Goji. Nuts. Eighty. They are all amazing, and until this week I would have been hard pressed to pick a favourite (cinnamon probably would have won by a nose), but then Sour Cherry and Vanilla happened and my little mind was blown. So sour. So smooth. So sweet. The sourness of the cherry perfectly offsets the bitterness of the dark chocolate and it is just lick your fingers (and the wrapper) good.

What on your love list?


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