A Terrarium

You know when you get a present for a friend and kind of wish you could keep it yourself? That happened here. It’s happened before with this same friend actually. I got an amazing pair of Nike Cortez sneakers for her and when they arrived I desperately wanted to keep them… I didn’t, they made it to her, just.

Last Christmas I decided that I wanted to start making more presents, during the holidays that meant a whole lot of baking and infusing vodkas. I loved it. So, when I was thinking on presents for my dear friend’s 29th birthday and terrarium came into my head, it was a total light bulb moment. One: they are super cute. Two: I can make it. Win and win.

First up, collect the necessary items. After some googling and consultation with my sister I discovered this includes:
– a jar or container
– activated charcoal/carbon (which is used in fish tank filters, this is only if you’re having a closed terrarium, it keeps the air cleaner)
– pebbles/small rocks
– potting mix and/or sand (potting mix for a forrest, sand for a desert)
– small plants
– moss (optional, I couldn’t find any moss so used muslin cloth instead)
– decorations (optional)IMG_2142

So, once you’ve got all your bits and pieces it’s time to assemble your terrarium. I was concerned about this due to my jar and the idea of getting the lid on… IMG_2143I powered on nonetheless. I put a dampened piece of muslin cloth at the very bottom, on top of that are some rocks and then your activated charcoal/carbon. Layer upon layer. IMG_2144With the plants. The big one is a pot belly fig, I pretty much fell in love with it. IMG_2145We got a little moose to live in the mini forest. And now it was crunch time… the lid needed to go on. IMG_2146 IMG_2147Lid on! And I am pretty darn pleased with the result actually. Now I just have to hope that it creates it’s own little eco-system and doesn’t shrivel and die… Fingers crossed!

And I can happily report that the terrarium was dubbed the “best present I have ever received!” Hurrah!


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