Mini banana cupcakes + vanilla icing

These little babies are fit for a princess. Fit for a birthday princess no less…IMG_2140There is something so freakin’ cute about mini cupcakes with pink icing and sprinkles.

Little Miss A is turning two, the main cake will be an impressive poodle number (I am so looking forward to seeing it in all it’s glory) and as a side I was asked to make cupcakes, naturally I said yes.IMG_2138

IMG_2139IMG_2141My favourite mini-cupcake transportation: egg cartons. They fit like a glove and look cute all packed in rows. Not all of these will end up at the party, some will head to work with the BF to be off loaded on his colleagues.

The cakes are my go-to Magnolia vanilla, to which I added 3 mashed bananas. The icing is the incredible Magnolia vanilla buttercream, with slightly less sugar than the recipe calls for. Both of which you can find here.

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