March wrap + April goals

Easter is gone and it’s April. How on earth did that happen?IMG_1878If February was all about protein pancakes, then March has been all about green juices and smoothies. Over the Easter weekend I went three days without one and I felt down right average. I think that could be classed as an addiction, but I really can’t feel too bad about it. IMG_1826There was baking in March. Cupcakes. Donuts.

IMG_1909 Monster cakes.

IMG_1977New gym opened and another green beverage.

IMG_2007Oh, and here is the remnants of the Easter slutty brownies.

March has been kind of mental and I cannot believe those 31 days are gone already. If I am honest, my goals were mostly forgotten about in all madness. So, what did I hope to achieve in March?
1. Serious saving. This one I did kind of achieve. Yes it’s a little slow, but I will get there.
2. Run. FAIL.
3. Experiment with sugar/gluten/dairy free chocolate. This happened but it was less than successful. The raspberry fudge was 100% better!
4. Do a little study everyday. FAIL.
5. Keep it lean and green. This, despite some stumbles here and there was probably my most successful goal.
6. Pay attention. FAIL. Well, not an entire fail, but not entirely successful either.

What about April?

1. Hydrate! Drink 2 litres of water (at least) a day.

2. Focus on strength. Whenever I have thrown myself into an exercise regime I have always focused on cardio. This month (after reading about ladies who lift) I am going to make strength my focus and see what happens.

3. One green juice, everyday (weekends too!)

4. Be accountable.

And that’s it because this month I am keeping it simple.


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