Chin Chin

I’ve heard a lot about Chin Chin and had a card in my wallet for some time but had never actually been. It’s one of the (seemingly) many places in Melbourne that has a “no reservations” policy. Not only is there a no reservations policy but if you’re whole party is not present, you will not be seated. So, despite the place being nearly empty I had to wander down to the bar while I was waiting for my dinner companion to arrive.

IMG_1947Back upstairs we were seated at the barIMG_1950And rather than focusing on the menu I was immediately mesmerised by the chefs. We did manage to tear our eyes away from the delicious and fresh looking food long enough to order. It was a tough decision, my dear friend is not a fan of seafood so we avoided the mouth watering salt and pepper calamari (next time my pretty, next time…)IMG_1951First up, the pulled pork pancake wraps. IMG_1952We got two each, I could have eaten all four!IMG_1953Chicken and sweet corn dumplings were up next, not my favourite. IMG_1954The wagu beef and hand rolled noodles however nearly knocked my socks off! Partly because at one point I got a punch in the face of chilli and also because they were super delicious.

We chatted, ate and marvelled at how good the food was. All the while still staring intermitently over the bar and into the open kitchen.

Then it was time to order dessert. Since August last year, when I decided to ditch refined sugar, desserts have not regularly appeared on my menus. However, all of the desserts on the menu sounded so good it was hard to refuse them all… IMG_1955Especially when one of them was banana stuffed roti with sweetened condensed milk sauce. OH. MY. GOD. This was quite possibly the most impressive dessert I’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. It was banana-y and cinnamon-y and sweet and just so damn good I may have continued to mop up the sauce with my finger when the little pillows of roti were gone…

Everything we ordered (with the exception of the dumplings) was delicious, and didn’t leave you feeling like to had eaten too much, which I always appreciate if I have eaten a little too much. IMG_1957


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