Chocolate-chocolate cupcakes + chocolate-salted caramel donuts

Today, despite the fact it was another day of 35*c, was a baking kind of day. Not in my little hot box of a house though, instead I went to visit a friend who has recently moved into an amazing new house built by her very talented husband. Everything is brand-spanking-new, including the self-cleaning over and crazy effective AC. IMG_1822First up to decide on recipes. After much deliberation we went for Magnolia’s chocolate-chocolate cupcakes (possibly the favourite cupcake variety of the BF) and chocolate-salted caramel donuts.

IMG_1823The thing that makes Magnolia’s chocolate cupcakes better than any other? Melted dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder.

IMG_1824Sifting, sifting, sifting… this sifter was super cute but not terribly effective. Not a lot was sifted after this point.

IMG_1837IMG_1821Beating. Creaming. Mixing. Whipping.

IMG_1825Action scooping. Ice cream scoops give you the perfect amount every time, so all of your cupcakes will be the same size, no arguments over who got more cake. IMG_1826And with a near empty bowl into the oven they went. In the interests of full disclosure I’ve no idea what happened once these went into the oven. All of them oozed out the sides and were flat as pancakes on top. I was pretty much mortified.

IMG_1833Icing however can do wonders, especially when applied with fervour by a three and a half year old who ate nearly as much icing as she spread. Sprinkle application was also professional as hell- look at the coverage achieved on the far right!

Donut time.

IMG_1836 IMG_1828Mixed and into pans. Donut pans are magic. This is only the second time I have used them and my goodness I was pleased.

IMG_1829Out of the oven, cooling and waiting for salted-caramel icing. IMG_1830Iced and sprinkled with salt.

IMG_1832BOOM. These babies 100% redeemed the cupcake disaster and apparently tasted just like sticky date pudding.

Recipe wise the cupcakes were Magnolia’s chocolate cupcakes with the chocolate buttercream, which you can find here. The donuts have been pinned on my donuts, oh donuts pinterest board for some time, you can them here.

It’s been far too long since I have baked for no reason at all than simply to be in the kitchen, and it’s even more rare to be doing it with someone else, usually it’s just little ol’ me. I loved being in the kitchen with friends, and kids. A very happy Saturday indeed.

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