Could it be that another cuisine is muscling in and attempting to knock my beloved Mexican off its number one perch?

If anything was going to be able to achieve such a feat it would be Japanese. And that brings me to… IMG_1723Matsumoto. There are a couple of Japanese places near our place but Matsumoto is by far the favourite. There are many delicious things on the menu, there are a few things I find it difficult to go past though.

IMG_1724Mixed stir fried vegetables. I don’t know how they do these or what sauce they’re flicked around in, but I do know that no stir fried vegetables have never tasted like this coming out of my kitchen.

IMG_1725Gyoza. I think I could eat these everyday of the week. Pork and cabbage, sorry vegetarians, these are a meat only situation.

IMG_1726Marinated fried chicken and salad. This was a new addition to our order, a very welcome one I will say.

IMG_1727The food never disappoints. It’s tasty, light and quick to your table. How can you go wrong?

Matsumoto Japanese Restaurant 
9380 9288
48 Lygon St, Brunswick East

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