Hobart: Day Two

I was the first up. I ended up drying myself post shower with a hand towel because I couldn’t find the actual towels and was sneaking around trying not to wake people up (I did end up finding the towels when I was 99% dry… they were in a cupboard under the sink, good stuff). IMG_1778Naturally breakfast was top priority. We all ordered the same thing, 2 with salmon and 2 with mushrooms.

IMG_1732After breakfast it was a hop, skip and a jump out to the Salamanca market. I love markets. And it was the perfect day for it.

IMG_1779 IMG_1780Start at one end, walk the way up, turn, and head on back.

IMG_1781Oh these buttons nearly killed me. Squirrels!

IMG_1782We don’t have Ladies in the Snow in Melbourne. They were delicious. Although, as we crunched while walking a fairly gruff man at the next stand told us to throw our apples away and taste his. Yes, we appreciated his passion for apples, however the delivery could have used some work.

IMG_1733Blueberries may be my favourite fruit. I was sad when these were gone.

IMG_1783Cutest tshirt ever? Yep. 

With market time done, what to do? Drive up Mount Wellington and nearly run out of petrol, there was talk of knocking it into neutral and cruising back down the mountain, not kidding…

IMG_1784The view was worth it though, we weren’t even at the top here.

IMG_1785Sunny selfie.

Back on the road we found ourselves at Puddleduck winery, a family owned and run winery on the way to Richmond. We were so very glad we stopped.

IMG_1788 IMG_1789Ducks, yes, there were ducks in the pond. We found ourselves a table and settled in for the afternoon.

What to do after an afternoon of wine tasting and chit chat? Dinner, of course. But that’s a post all it’s own. That good.

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