Hobart: Day One

This past weekend I took a mini break with the ladies in my family. Mum, sister and my bro’s lovely GF. My sister’s Christmas present was a weekend in Hobart so she could tick another state off her list before 30, she’s only got one to go before October.

So at 8.05 on Friday morning we departed the mainland for the apple isle.

IMG_1769With handfuls of tourist brochures, and the hire car at our hotel we were in search of food. Salamanca Place it was (I realise now that I ate mushrooms with every breakfast).

IMG_1759We ate and drank and discussed the days plans. There was almost too much in front of us.


IMG_1771Waiting for the ferry on the way to our first stop…

IMG_1772MONA. I am not really sure how to properly explain this place. It is disturbing, and interesting, and totally bizarre and more than once made me question what on earth was going on in other people’s heads.

You could take photos but couldn’t take your phone. My phone = my camera. So once inside no photos for me. Although while wandering around I saw a number of people who weren’t quite as honest as I. Highlights included this water wall of sorts, which is so difficult to explain I almost feel I shouldn’t… but I will try. It was a rotating list of words (not sure where from) that dropped from a large rig. The words were made of water. I knew I shouldn’t have tried to explain.

Another highlight was the pulse room. As you strolled up a wide hall to the entrance there were a line of light-bulbs all flashing at different rates. At the end of this line there were two handles that you could hold on to in front of which was another large light-bulb. The handles channeled your pulse and lit up the light-bulb  when you let go your pulse jumped up into the line and as each person did it your pulse moved further along. Mine was easy to spot because it hardly even lit the globe. As you followed the line you came into a room the ceiling of which was covered in bulbs all pulsing. I was mesmorised.

IMG_1773You could take photos outside.

IMG_1775Cement truck.

IMG_177699 steps

MONA was emotionally draining, as ridiculous as that sounds. So we had a relaxing dinner, and some of the best calamari I’ve ever eaten. De-licious. There are no photos however because I was feeling brain dead… I absolutely made up for it at dinner the following night.

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