Leaving on a jet plane… in 80 days


The BF and I are going on a EUROPEAN ADVENTURE.

On May 17 we’re getting on a plane and roughly 24 hours later we will arrive in Barcelona.

We’ve done a little planning, though not as much as we should have. I do know where I want to stay in Barcelona, which camper we’ll be hiring when we hit France to cruise around in and roughly how many days we’ll be staying in each place. That’s better than nothing.

Things I would like to do while being a travelling gypsy:
1. visit a flea market in Paris
2. eat my weight in cheese
3. see the Amalfi coast
4. sleep by the beach somewhere in the South of France
5. see the Berlin wall
6. watch the Eiffel tower sparkle at night
7. eat bratwurst
8. swim
9. drink a coffee in Italy and France and crown a winner
10. say Gracias with the Spanish lisp

There are oh so many more things but this will do for now.

80 days and counting… I cannot wait.


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