Cirque du Soleil: OVO


Mind. Blown.

Je me sauve au cirque (I am running away to the circus).

That is really all that needs to be said. But I’ll elaborate a little.

The BF’s parents got myself, the BF, his sister and her husband tickets to OVO for Christmas and since December 25 I have been eagerly anticipating being under the big top. I have heard amazing things about any and every Cirque du Soleil show but have never seen one myself. Not even when we were in Vegas in 2011 and there are more shows than there are days of the week.

It was worth the wait.

Sadly, once inside the big top we weren’t allowed to take photos. We were only a few rows from the front and there was so so soooo many times my fingers were itching capture what was on stage.

But… because I am a sucker for all things merchandise I can show you a few photos from the program…

IMG_1700The fleas, these ladies tossed one another around on their FEET!

IMG_1701The grasshoppers did their thing on the trampolines and the wall.

IMG_1693The spiders. These women were the MOST FLEXIBLE CREATURES I HAVE EVER SEEN.

IMG_1696It was difficult to choose favourites, they were all so amazing. And yes, I grabbed a few of the butterflies after they had rained down on us.

IMG_1690Oh, and I mentioned I was a merch fan… Bag, drink bottle, program and egg- it lights up, that was the BF’s choice.

IMG_1688Until next time…


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