Lamingtons (for my love)

Valentine’s Day isn’t really celebrated in our house. Having said that I cannot help but do something, even if it’s just little, and possibly an excuse to bake.

The BF is a huge lamington fan. For those of you not familiar with this classically Australian treat it’s basically 2 layers of sponge cake with jam between them and then covered entirely in chocolate sauce and rolled in coconut. If you’ve not had one, I suggest you hunt one down, or as I did, make your own.

Rather than transcribe the recipes I used you can just head on over to Donna Hay… I started with the basic sponge and then referred to the lamingtons.

So we start with an eggy sponge. 
IMG_1639While that’s baking you can prepare your coconut and chocolate sauce, if it goes a little hard (like mine did) add some extra hot water to loosen it back up.
IMG_1642All of the elements…
IMG_1644But before they all go together you need to cut your sponge in half horizontally (like a big sandwich) and cover one side with jam, the pop the top back on. Now it’s time to cut it into chunks, however large you please.
IMG_1643Get your production line ready. When dipping your spongey squares it’s easiest to use two forks, let the chocolate drain off before it goes into the coconut.

It’s messy work, coconut will go pretty much everywhere.
IMG_1646But it’s worth it in the end… And I was told they were delicious!

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