February goals

20110519-104039.jpg2013 is going to be my year of goals. I am always thinking about what I would like to do but they never end up being written down, so naturally I forget them. I am a list maker.

So, along with my goals for the year I am also going to give myself some monthly goals. They may not be huge, they may not be impressive, but they will be mine- excuse the corniness of that sentence.

Things I want to do in February:

1. Euro Adventure research. This month I would like to book our Barcelona accommodation and look into camper van rental in France.

2. Run! Run! Run! In order to achieve the ‘run a 10k’ goal I can’t slack off. The Tone It Up 100 by Vday challenge has been particularly helpful in this department (I am currently at ).

3. Take more photos.

4. Create a study nook (the kitchen table does not count) and stay on top of school work

5. Keep it lean and green

February… let’s do this.


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