A good friend of mine just turned 30. Next weekend she is having a party and requested a croquembouche as her cake. I have never attempted a profiterole, let alone a whole lot of them and then fashioned them into a tower…

So, some practice was in order. And that happened today.  I was scared, intimidated by this French classic. But with the help from the BF (who had tried his hand at choux pastry before) I think it has been conquered.


I googled (and decided on Gordon Ramsey’s recipe which I found here) and measured. He whisked. I particularly like the bottom action shots.


Then there was the piping (him) and the baking (me). Here is where I deviated from Gordon’s recipe just a tad. Rather than make the chocolate sauce it calls for I went for a toffee dipped and cream filled delight… dipping in toffee is a dangerous business, be wary if you choose to do the same.


But it does make ’em look all glossy when they’re done. Not too bad for a first attempt, right?


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